Three Common Types of Tennis Rackets

J. Melissa Cooper, the author of Freelance Nation and the cofounder and managing partner of HirePerfect, has served as a human resources executive for the past decade. When she’s not busy helping clients with their talent and staffing needs, J. Melissa Cooper enjoys playing tennis.

When buying a new tennis racket, there are several things players must consider, starting with the racket type. There are three main types of tennis rackets:

1. Control rackets: Providing players with greater control but less power, control rackets, or players rackets, allow for more accurate hits. This type of racket has a smaller head and a more flexible beam but is often a bit heavier in weight. Given the skill required for the proper use of control rackets, they are best suited for more experienced players.

2. Power rackets: Best suited for smaller and less skilled players who are unable to produce their own power, these rackets are lighter but have larger, often oversized, heads. Power, or game improvement, rackets are also stiffer and longer to better accommodate the shorter, slower swings of the players wielding them.

3. In-between rackets: Also known as ’tweener rackets, this type of racket blends power and control to one degree or another. These rackets are typically semi-stiff and have mid-sized heads, and because of their mix of power and control, they make good all-around rackets that suit a wider range of individuals.


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