Stretches for Tennis Players

Stretches for Tennis Players pic
Stretches for Tennis Players

J. Melissa Cooper has served as a managing partner at HirePerfect since cofounding the resume writing firm six years ago. Beyond her professional activities, J. Melissa Cooper enjoys staying active by playing tennis.

As is the case with any physical activity, individuals must remember to properly stretch before a tennis match to help avoid an injury. The rotating wrist stretch is one of the most important stretches, as the wrist is used virtually every time a player’s racket contacts the ball. To stretch the wrist, a player should extend one arm straight in front of the body. To complete the rotating wrist stretch, players can move the wrist down, out, and back up while using the other hand to maximize the rotation.

The kneeling heel-down Achilles stretch, meanwhile, is a good way to avoid undue stress on the ankles and frequent ankle rolls. To begin the stretch, players should kneel on one knee while placing the weight of their body over the other. The stretch is completed by keeping the kneeling heel flat across the floor while leaning forward over the bent knee.


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