Enterprising Women Magazine Honors Female Business Leaders

Enterprising Women Magazine pic
Enterprising Women Magazine
Image: enterprisingwomen.com

J. Melissa Cooper serves as the managing partner of HirePerfect, an executive search firm that she cofounded. Earlier, she bootstrapped an Internet startup called RezBiz, which she built into a company with 400 employees and several million dollars in annual revenue, before selling it to Talent Inc. The 2014 winner of the Enterprising Woman of the Year Award, J. Melissa Cooper now sits on the Enterprising Women Advisory Board.

Founded in 1997 as a voice and forum exclusively for women business owners, Enterprising Women magazine publishes stories of the challenges, concerns, solutions, and successes of entrepreneurial women and of their increasing influence politically, economically, and socially. In addition, the magazine encourages women to think big and follow their dreams, providing role models and mentors to guide them.

Every spring, Enterprising Women recognizes outstanding businesswomen at its annual Enterprising Women of the Year Awards celebration. Winners are selected for having fast-growing businesses, for mentoring or supporting other women entrepreneurs, and for serving their communities.


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