Improving Talent Retention Rates

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A talented entrepreneur and business leader, J. Melissa Cooper is the co-founder and managing partner of HirePerfect, a human resources firm that provides clients with top talent in their field. Holding a master’s degree in human resources along with PHR and SPHR certifications, J. Melissa Cooper understands the importance of labor relations and talent retention and management.

High employee turnover rates are expensive for any business, so keeping the talent you find is crucial to your overall success. Good talent retention begins at the interview process. During this time, focus on finding the best talent for your position but also on finding talent that is retainable. Employees are the ones who ultimately decide whether to leave a company or stay, but you can influence their side of things during the interview process. Once you’ve hired an individual, get to know them. Gathering feedback from employees is an easy way of doing this, but it is important that you actually make changes based on the feedback if you want your employees to stay happy.

If you are not receiving much feedback from employees directly, try creating an employee-centered environment that promotes healthy work/life balance. Robotic work is difficult for employees in all industries, so make sure your employees are taking enough time off to relax. Sufficient relaxation time will increase productivity and overall happiness.

Additionally, consider implementing a flexible hour policy that allows employees to choose their specific hours in an eight-hour day. This flexibility can help employees better manage their personal needs while taking less time off. Further, make sure your employees know that their work is valued. Reward top performers, thank employees for their work, and show them the results of their work.