Elements of an Effective Resume

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J. Melissa Cooper cofounded the resume writing firm HirePerfect in 2009. She continues to serve the company as managing partner. J. Melissa Cooper has prior experience with Talent Inc. and RezBiz LLC.

Composing a resume can be a difficult task. While a professional resume writing firm can assist in the creation of an effective resume, individuals should understand a few of the most important characteristics.

Most importantly, job seekers should never forget that a resume is essentially a marketing tool used to sell their skill set and experience. With this in mind, a resume should place the most valuable pieces of information up front while providing all relevant work experience and education in a neat, concise manner.

Secondly, job seekers must work tirelessly to perfect their resume down to the smallest details, such as spelling, grammar, and aspects of basic formatting. Any potential employer who comes across a typo or spelling mistake will likely assume the writer plans to put forth the same amount of effort in their work.

Finally, a resume should demonstrate aesthetic appeal. Fonts and colors should be easily readable, and resume writers should use distinct headings so that a reader can move effortlessly between sections such as employment history and education.