Women Presidents’ Organization 2016 International Conference

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Women Presidents’ Organization
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J. Melissa Cooper is co-founder and managing partner of HirePerfect, which offers human resource connections and recruiting methodologies for biotech companies. Dedicated to helping women achieve success in life, J. Melissa Cooper is active with the Women Presidents’ Organization


(WPO) chapter in Miami, Florida.

A nonprofit membership organization for women presidents of multimillion-dollar companies, WPO seeks to improve business conditions for women entrepreneurs. Many of its members participate in peer advisory groups designed to help members accelerate the growth of their businesses. WPO also cultivates professional connections, offers continuing education opportunities, and promotes the accomplishments of its members.

One of the ways members can network with others is through the WPO annual conference. The 2016 international conference will be held April 7-9 in Baltimore, Maryland, at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront. During this three-day conference, attendees can participate in interactive seminars, listen to keynote speakers, and hone industry tactics. In addition, potential members have an opportunity to experience firsthand the professional and personal impact of the organization on the lives of women business owners.


The Women Presidents’ Organization 2016 Annual Conference

The Women Presidents’ Organization 2016 Annual Conference pic
The Women Presidents’ Organization 2016 Annual Conference
Image: womenpresidentsorg.com

J. Melissa Cooper is a dual-certified human resources professional and the cofounder and managing partner of HirePerfect. An active member of the professional community, J. Melissa Cooper is involved with the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) and participates in the organization’s roundtables of executive women.

Dedicated to improving business conditions for women entrepreneurs in all industries, the WPO maintains 120 chapters in over a dozen parts of the world. Each chapter consists of around 20 accomplished women presidents and entrepreneurs and functions as a sort of peer advisory group.

In addition to its chapter meetings, the WPO holds an international annual conference. The conference is designed to promote the sharing of business experiences and strategies among successful members from around the world, while also providing an opportunity for members to learn from speakers and seminars. Beyond that, the annual conference allows potential WPO members to experience firsthand the personal and professional impact that the organization has on women executives.

The WPO 19th Annual Conference is scheduled to take place from April 7, 2016, through April 9, 2016, at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront in Maryland.